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December 9, 2010

Israeli Support for BDS

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The growing Israeli support for BDS vividly demonstrates the justice of the campaign. When even members of an occupying state protest its brutality, it is far beyond time for the international community to take decisive action.

BWISP applauds the courage and commitment of Israeli writers and cultural workers who have added their names to the call for BDS:

Boycott! petition and website

Rela Mazali in The Huffington Post

Israeli actors refuse to appear at the Ariel Centre, West Bank

To end with the words of Reza Mazali:

‘Today, BDS can make it increasingly difficult for Israel’s government to keep up the occupation and the internal repression. Hiking up costs, it can make occupying unprofitable and racism disgraceful. Meanwhile, and no less important, it is already allowing Israeli society a clear reality check, reflecting what it looks like to international civil society, and capturing what it has become.

BDS is a means to justice for those to whom it has been denied. Not against, but rather for, both Israel and Palestine, it aims to end the policies destroying the lives of Palestinians and devouring the humanity of Israelis. BDS supports the livable, viable futures of all the people of this land.’


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